Speedway is not an easy sport to make happen in any normal year, and this year has definitely thrown a spanner in the works! It takes a lot of support financially from a lot of  businesses in our community and even with the grim start to 2020 we have been overwhelmed with the support that we have received from them again.

It takes a lot of personnel on the ground, both visible and behind the scenes to make this happen before and on a race night. And these people are volunteers that don’t do it for money but for the love of our sport and the community that it creates. Working constantly well before and throughout the season is a small group of people that make up our committee. This year has put up new challenges in navigating our way forward to get to where we are now and their passion and persistence has been the best that I have ever worked with. So to all of these businesses and individuals I say a massive thank you!

The drivers and teams putting on a show tonight have also worked extremely hard to get here as they do every year. Some had pulled cars apart completely thinking this was not going to be possible this year and thought that it would be a year to sit back and tinker on their machines, but have made a big push to get everything back together and ready to race tonight and I am sure their families have felt the brunt of all that extra work that takes. So sit back, grab a drink from our very reasonably priced bar, one of the best burgers in town from the canteen and enjoy watching these passionate men, women and children do what they love and pour so much of their time into.

Please have respect for fellow spectators and be mindful this is a family event. Please respect the venue that has been built by the local speedway community over 50 or more years. And most of all, respect the social distancing and hygiene measures in place at this time. The last thing everyone needs is for our states extremely good work in preventing the spread of COVID-19 to be undone.

Lets go racing!

Tom Oliver, Broome Speedway Club President.

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24 hours ago

Broome Speedway

Attention Members!
Our AGM will be held at 2pm on the 20th of February in the Piano bar of the Roebuck Bay Hotel.
The are many positions to be filled in committee and general volunteer roles as well. Even if you cannot fill one of these positions please come down and hear how your club is travelling and have your say on the future of the club. This is for Members of the Broome Speedway club only.
If you would like to know the positions available and put in a proxy vote for a position you should have received a email from our secretary. If you didn’t receive an email check your junk folder or email Secretary@broomespeedwayclubinc.org.au.

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Members need to get in and help run the club , we had a very energetic and motivated committee last year that got the ball rolling with the club heading in the right direction and without new people coming on board to fill vital positions to ensure we can run meets we risk having all the good work undone

The piano bar is the name of the room to the right of the Pearlers bar as you walk in the front doors.

there is no piano in the bar.

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1 month ago

Broome Speedway

Mitsubishi Motors Pilbara
2020 New Years Eve Spectacular!
Nominations are now open for all classes, please note it will be 3 to make a class.
Nominations close 28th December 2020 all late nominations will run ROF.
There will be no nomination fee but we will not be paying tow money for this event.
If you have any questions please contact us!
Nominations will only be taken via the link below. Thanks and we look forward to seeing everyone track side!


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Nominated in the old mans mod lite, get amongst it Broome mob, it will be more fun than anything else you have planned for New Years and you can get Hungry Jacks or KFC on you way home! Tom Oliver

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2 months ago

Broome Speedway

This weekend Riley Dunne has been nominated in Broome Sports Awards 2020 - Rising Star of the Year.

What a stellar junior career this boy has had and only 16.

Has a family background of speedway, we always knew big things were to come and it’s not over yet. This young man started out in junior quarter midgets and went on to the rear wheel drive that was speedway. We watched him spin, turn, and have fun racing with his mates and give his mum and dad even pop a run for their money. 😜

BBC racing went with the times and found themselves in a front wheel drive, Riley was able to take this on like water to a ducks back. Took it in his stride and was able to compete, like a champ in the field of the new age of front wheelers and fuel injection.

Being able to travel the state before the dreaded COVID-19 hit, Riley didn’t only make his family proud, he has made all of us Speedway fans proud.

Guts and determination saw Riley leading the B main of the Australian Title... with only a flat tyre letting him down.

Riley went onto to the WA State Title and was awesome enough to hold WA State #3.

Being chosen to have an opportunity in a Late Model along the way. Which I am sure Mum, Dad and Pop are all jealous.

Not to forget he has now joined the the Beethoven roll over club.

Broome Speedway Club could not be prouder to claim you as their own.

Bigger things are awaiting our young man.

Goodluck Riley we are behind you and a massive congratulations to all you have done, achieved and we know you will continue to do.

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Well done Riley (and team). Great stuff

Congratulations & Good Luck Riley. Well done BBC Racing. 👍😄🏁🏆

Great family, well done guys.

Well done Riley and family/team.... ❤️ I’m sure Mark Dunne and Chelsea Dunne are super proud... as are Mia, Nev and Vicki xx

Awesome congrats Riley, BBC racing and Broome Speedway club, good luck 🏁🏁🏁🏆🏆🏆

Congrats young man. Keep up the good work..

Congratulations Dunne crew

That is awesome, well done everyone but especially Riley💙💙💙

Congrats Riley. 🥳🥳

Great work Riley!!

The young racers of today are certainly doing their bit to put speedway in a good place in the sporting world.

Well done Riley!

Well done all the fast drivers seem to come from Broome

Good on you RD well deserved

Well Dunne Riley great achievement and top effort by all👍

Fantastic Riley 👍👍

Good Luck

Good luck Riley! 🌟

Goes alright 😂

Chelsea Dunne & Mark Dunne those words are justified because he has awesome parents 😊 Well done Riley 👍

Awesome work ! 👍

Good work mate 👍

Well done mate!

Good job mate

Well done Riley and good luck 🏁

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2 months ago

Broome Speedway


Gary Higgs has won the SSA Super Sedan WA Title in the most thrilling fashion at Albany’s Attwell Park on Saturday night, taking the lead on the final lap, before a massive crowd at the Great Southern venue.

Higgs, after more than 30 years of trying, and having finished second on five occasions, finally broke through to defeat a gallant Damon Trouchet and Rob Knox, while defending Champion Chris Pavlovich would finish fourth.

On a bruising night, only 17 drivers would start the main event, but that number reduced by three before a lap was completed, eliminating Warren Minshull, Kyle Larson and Steve Schofield, with Minshull hitting the fence heavily in the main straight, leaving Larson no where to go, ending his race as well, resulting in a complete restart.

The second start would have numerous cars spin in Turn three, resulting in a third attempt with Trouchet leading narrowly over Jason Batchelor, Gary Higgs, Kevin Bell and Chris Pavlovich.

On lap three, Bell spun in turn one, with Pavlovich deemed the cause of the stoppage, with the defending champion sent to the rear of the field. All of a sudden, young Zac Minshull from Broome who started from position eleven found himself in fourth place, and subsequently fighting for the lead.

A further stoppage on lap six would then see Kevin Bell pass Trouchet before the cone on the subsequent restart, and when Tristan Green soon after hit the fence, Bell was relegated to the rear of the field.

On lap eight, Zac Minshull would succumb with a flat tyre while in third, which again bunched the field, with Pavlovich storming back through the field.

Trouchet, Higgs and Batchelor continued the battle out front, with Kevin Bell, like Pavlovich storming back through the field, but his race would be over on lap twenty three in turn one, with electrical issues.

The final seventeen laps would be a thrilling affair, with at times three wide racing for the lead between Trouchet, Higgs and Batchelor. Batchelor drove amazingly in a borrowed car, with a borrowed engine after blowing up an engine in official practice on the Friday night, but his race was over just short of the finish with a deflated tyre, leaving Trouchet and Higgs to fight it out, with the pair swapping the lead numerous times in the concluding stages.

Higgs took the lead on the final lap to win by a car length after forty gruelling laps, with the elation evident on the veteran drivers face, after winning what he described as one of the hardest titles of his life.

Trouchet, who used to be a pit crew member for Higgs, was highly gracious in his praise for Higgs as well as for his crew, who worked until midday to get the car ready, while Rob Knox was elated in his first ever podium finish.

A Main - 40 Laps: 1. W3 Damon Trouchet, 2. W53 Jason Batchelor, 3. W7 Warren Minshull, 4. W81 Gary Higgs, 5. W8 Chris Pavlovich, 6. W10 Kyle Larson, 7. W5 Kevin Bell, 8. W9 Kemble Aylett, 9. W6 Tristan Green, 10. W91 Darren Larson, 11. W47 Zac Minshull, 12. W96 Steve Larson, 13. W68 Rob Knox, 14. W63 Tony St Jack, 15. W22 Steve Schofield, 16. W71 Adam Campbell, 17. W4 Lee Aylett, 18. W85 Mat McMahon, 19. W30 Peter Wallinger, 20. W76 Terry Green
1. W81 Gary Higgs, 2. W3 Damon Trouchet, 3. W68 Rob Knox, 4. W1 Chris Pavlovich, 5. W71 Adam Campbell, 6. W85 Mathew McMahon, 7. W9 Kemble Aylett, 8. W96 Stephen Larson (39), 9. W53 Jason Batchelor (38), 10. W63 Tony St Jack (37). DNF: 11. W5 Kevin Bell (23), 12. W47 Zac Minshull (8), 13. W6 Tristan Green (5), 14. W91 Darren Larson (5), 15. W7 Warren Minshull (0), 16. W22 Steve Schofield (0), 17. W10 Kyle Larson (0). No TIme, Winning Margin: 0.442, Fastest Lap: W5 Kevin Bell 17.939

Photo courtesy of Cameron Newbold

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